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Credit insurance products are credit insurance solutions that protect you from the risk of credit default. These insurance policies provide coverage for losses incurred due to customers' inability or unwillingness to pay for goods or services provided by the insured business.

Business failures are on the rise and, according to Illion,, it is not because of a lack of opportunity or sales, but rather poorly managed cash flow. The problem is that executives are focusing on revenue and sales numbers and ignoring cash flow, credit risk management and receivables management which lead to a risk of insolvency.

Fortunately, credit insurance in Australia comes in many forms and can assist businesses across several industries and scales. Some of the most common credit insurance products available to businesses include:

  • Trade credit insurance — Trade credit insurance covers businesses against losses resulting from the failure of their customers to pay for goods or services on credit terms. This type of insurance can safeguard businesses from the negative impact of bad debts, insolvencies or protracted default.
  • Export credit insurance — For businesses engaged in international trade, export credit insurance offers protection against non-payment risks arising from foreign customers. It helps mitigate the potential risks associated with unfamiliar markets, political uncertainties and economic fluctuations in foreign countries.
  • Single buyer credit insurance — This type of credit insurance is more focused and caters to businesses that primarily deal with a single large customer. It provides coverage for the risk associated with that specific customer's failure to pay.

With Australian businesses taking almost a full month longer than average to pay their bills and 36% of them now paying in over 90 days, the risk to your cash flow is serious. If you are serious about surviving and growing your business, you need professional help to protect your cash flow, such as our credit management services in Sydney. Discover how Niche Trade Credit can help you uplift and protect your business.

How can trade credit insurance products help your business?

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How can credit insurance help Your business?

Credit insurance will make sure that your business is protected in the case of a client’s inability to pay any trade credit debts that they may have with you. They may be insolvent or unable to pay within the agreed time frame. These types of risks are generally known as commercial risks and insurance will cover things like the standard goods or services that are sold.

Credit insurance can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and can cover risks such as work in progress and binding contracts. It should not be limited to medium or large businesses –even small businesses can benefit from this type of insurance policy. Our staff recommends that businesses of all sizes cover themselves with credit insurance to make sure that they protect the business cash flow so that they have no issues with ongoing trading.

Aside from managing the risk of default or non-payment, credit insurance can provide other benefits that can contribute to the success of your business. For instance, credit insurance enables businesses to diversify their customer base by extending credit terms to new customers or those with whom they may have been hesitant to do business with previously, leading to increased sales opportunities and market penetration.

Having the power to tap into a larger pool of customers can give your business a competitive advantage in your industry, as you’ll be able to offer more competitive payment terms to customers, attracting more clients and increasing market share. Many lenders and suppliers may also prefer to partner with businesses with credit insurance coverage, as it signifies a reduced risk of non-payment and enhances the overall creditworthiness of the business.

Access tailored credit insurance solutions for your business

No two businesses operate the same, which is why our credit insurance products can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business. Whether it's coverage for certain customers, industries or geographic regions, your policies can be customised accordingly. Here’s how we do it:

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    We conduct a thorough risk assessment for each business that seeks our credit insurance services. We analyse customer base, industry, financial stability and current credit management practices to understand the unique risks involved.

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    Based on our risk assessment, we recommend full-circle credit insurance options that align with the specific risk profile of the business. This ensures the business receives the most relevant and effective coverage to protect against potential losses.

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    Once you’re satisfied with your credit insurance solution, we will continue to monitor your progress to better understand your evolving needs and adjust the insurance coverage as necessary.

How can credit insurance help Your business? | Niche Trade Credit

How we help with our credit insurance solutions?

We know that many businesses fail because they lack working capital and cannot retrieve monies owed because of bad debt from client’s failing to pay. Most companies protect things like their plant and property, but forget to ensure that their receivables are covered, which can be seen as up to 40% of their business assets.

Apart from the obvious benefits of credit insurance, we have other credit management services that you take advantage of, such as:

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    Capital that is tied up can be released due to a reduction in provisions for bad debt

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    Risks are reduced because issues will be flagged before they get out of control and become irretrievable

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    A credit insurance policy can be utilised as security to a lender for finance

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    You can monitor clients with better transparency

How can we help with your credit Insurance? | Niche Trade Credit
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why choose us for credit insurance?

For more than 30 years, Niche Trade Credit has been matching Australian businesses with outstanding credit insurance solutions. Whether your business operates in manufacturing, retail, services or any other industry, Niche Trade Credit offers industry-specific credit insurance solutions, addressing the common risks and challenges faced by businesses in your sector.

We deal with a number of insurers and take great pride in our stellar reputation of providing high quality credit management services in Sydney. We know the insurers’ products intimately and are constantly updating our knowledge so that we can find the best cover for you with the best value.

Trade credit insurance policies in Australia typically offer several types of coverage to protect businesses engaged in international trade. Niche TC provides complete trade credit insurance solutions, offering coverage across debt collection and recovery, export and political risk, credit insurance products and other major financial risk areas

We guarantee that we will deliver the best price for you with our market expertise. We know that bad debt can have a range of effects on a business that exceeds simply the loss of that money. Stress can be placed on cash flow and long-term profitability may be affected.

Talk to us – so that we can help insure your business.

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What is trade credit insurance?

Trade Credit Insurance covers for a debtor that does not pay its debt including Insolvency, Non-Payment, Protracted Default and Political Risk.

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